At Drive Wholesale, one of Australia’s most established car & finance brokers, we know that shopping for cars can be all time consuming when it comes to visiting multiple dealerships and negotiating with many scrupulous car dealers in order to secure the best offer. At Drive, our car brokers take the hassle away while assisting you to find the best suitable vehicle for your business and/or personal needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a car broker?

Car brokers have been operating almost as long as car dealers working in a dealership.

Our car broker work with your interest in mind to negotiate with car dealers, saving you the effort of visiting multiple dealerships settling on the right price and completing the paperwork. 

In addition to the convenience of not having to personally interact with car dealers, whether new or used, your car broker can often arrange a price often lower than that which you, the buyer, could achieve on their own.

How can a car broker find a better deal?

Car brokers work with their own established network of new and used car dealerships and car dealers.

When you know what make and model of car you are looking for, your car broker will contact their network of dealerships and/or car dealers and determine which one will provide the required car at the best price.

Our car brokers can help source used cars as well as new ones. They are also licensed. The reasons for having a dealer's license are:

  • The car may be bought at an auction where private sellers cannot bid.
  • The car may be sourced from a private seller, but the buyer must purchase from a licensed dealer due to financing requirements.

Delivery and location may also be considered. At Drive our car brokers can, on agreement, deliver the car to the client's home or place of work.

Why would I use a car broker?

If you are in the market to buy a new or used car, however, you do not have the time to invest into visiting lots of dealerships, searching online or you feel your negotiation skills may not be as sharp as a seasoned car dealer then using a car broker could be the answer.

At Drive our car brokers are ready to do the leg work for you to find the vehicle you are looking for, at the best possible price.

What other services do you offer?

Financing - Drive is part of the Ausloans Financial Group, giving our clients the advantage of a car broker to find the right vehicle at the right price and a finance broker to source the best finance deal.

How It Works


Fill in the online form with the vehicle details that you are looking for. We'll need to confirm a few contact details with you.


A Drive car broker will call you to gather any further information and explain the process.

Lock it in
Lock it in

We make the buying process easy and quick. Your car broker will take care of you all the way.


Once your vehicle and finance has been secured your car broker can arrange to have your vehicle delivered to your door!

Our Review

Extremely upfront and honest people. Daniel did not push me to take up the services. I made the decision on my own and I am happy about it. He helped me by showing how things are done at the company. I was really impressed and happy about it. These guys really know how to get things done and they are honest about it.

Jemma Kelly

Gotta be straight up this place is solid as. The rides they got here are awesome. When I met Shane to check out a ride that I had interest in he was very approachable and happy to meet. He didn't push anything or try and force me to buy anything but was very knowledgable about the vehicle and gave me the facts and no BS. In the lead up to finalising the purchase, I asked a few questions about the ride and what it had done and he was very responsive and answered my questions right away no problem. He ensured the things that I asked had been done was done and showed me that it was which is a big thumbs up for me. cheers Shane and drive wholesale.

Simon Liu

Love the honest and upfront attitude of the team. They mean business! They know what and with whom they are dealing with. I really like and appreciated the fact that they do not deal with commission-based people. The benefit is passed onto the customers and we end up getting a good deal on the cars! Thanks Amy for making me realise the concept and the ideology behind your company!

Rachel Decker

I was ready to trade in my old car for something newer, had done all the research and test drives to figure out what I wanted. Best discovery ever! I talked to drive wholesale, and they immediately found a great deal on the exact car, which was new to market and hard to find. They made everything so easy and all the terms felt fair. I still can't believe how quickly and smoothly they got the deal done. I love my new car and am so grateful to them. Thank you.

Billy Welch